Professional Manned Reception

Our Wakefield business centres have reception areas which are manned during normal business hours. Your clients will be greeted upon their arrival and you will be informed that they are waiting in Reception for you.

All post is received by Reception and delivered to the suites as appropriate. For the Virtual Offices, the post will be collected as before and depending on which Virtual Office package you choose, it will either be forwarded on to you or you will be contacted in order for you to collect your post at your convenience.

For further information about the Virtual Offices Packages please click here.

All three properties have the option of a telephone answering service available to them. The Receptionist answers any phone calls that come through to your dedicated number and you will then receive a message log via email. There is also the option to have your calls forwarded to you. A voicemail service is available out of hours so you will never miss a message.

To take a look around any of our properties please contact us via our contact form or call us on 01924 925380


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