• Consider Coworking Rather Than Working From Home

    Have you been a remote worker for a long time and now struggling with your productivity levels? Has the line between home and work become blurred? Perhaps it may be time to consider coworking as an alternative. Coworking spaces have dramatically increased since the pandemic and there are some really excellent options to choose from. It may not be right for you, but here are some of the key benefit…(more)

    Location, location, location

    One of the first, and main, questions to ask when looking to relocate your office is where. Choosing the right office location is important. Obviously you want to keep your staff happy and also be in the right place for transport networks. Easy connectivity will make life easier for staff and visitors.

    Do you need to be City Centre based?
    If so, make sure parking is available or that your new offi…(more)

    Easy in, easy out

    When considering an office move, one of the common problems business owners face is the contract length. At Wakefield Business Centres, we provide flexible workspace that’s engineered to suit your business needs, and not that of the business centre.

    With flexible contract terms of 3, 6, 12 months or even up to 5 years, you have option to up or down scale as suits your business without the ha…(more)

    Shared Office Space & Coworking Explained

    Are you unsure of the differences between coworking, shared offices and hotdesking to the point you stay away from them even though one of the options may be beneficial to your business? Rest assured you are not the only one, so allow us to make each service clearer and in turn you can decide which one, if any, will work for you and your business.
    This is simply a deskspace that …(more)

    Summer Working Tips

    As we approach summer months, hot weather (with a little bit of luck) and holidays, we at Wakefield Business Centres would like to share some top tips on how to keep yourself motivated during the summer season.

    1. Keep Fluid Levels Up
    It’s imperative to keep yourself hydrated such that you can ensure you are motivated all day long. Make sure that water is available / accessible at any time a…(more)

    Mundane Monday to Motivated Monday

    Let’s face it, sometimes working in an office can be trying, no matter how exciting your job. Doing or arranging something out of the ordinary can be a boost to morale and productivity. So we’ve put our heads together here at Wakefield Business Centres and devised 5 ways to turn your Mundane Monday to Motivated Monday. (Any day is optional, but Monday is ideal.)

    1. Bring a plant to wor…(more)

    How to hold a more productive meeting

    We’ve all been there, dreading a meeting that will be longer than planned and reach a confusing conclusion that makes us wonder why we were there in the first place!

    Here at Wakefield Business Centres we have regular businesses that hire our meeting rooms for board meetings, conferences and training so we’re well positioned to know what does and doesn’t work to make your meeting …(more)

    Top Productivity Tools

    So the summer is over, Autumn is slowly creeping its way in and we`re only 100 days away from Christmas!

    If you`ve been fortunate enough to take some time over the summer months it may have been a bit of a shock to the system when the alarm went off this morning (we know it was for us!).

    Whilst you still may be craving the lazy days of summer it`s time to get back into the swing of things and smas…(more)

    First Impressions Count

    It takes just a split second for someone to form an opinion at a first meeting but did you know the same thing can apply to your office and work surroundings?

    At Wakefield Business Centres we take great pride in providing all of our office users with a professional, warm and welcoming reception. Presenting the right image is important not just for your clients but also for any new employees. …(more)

    Review of Britain at Work report 2016

    A recent Britain at Work study conducted by Lansons and Opinium, revealed some interesting statistics. Overall, employees are satisfied with their jobs and have a positive attitude about work relationships between senior management and leaders. However, retaining valued staff is proving a challenge to the employer. It’s less about having a state-of-the-art working environment and more a…


    Advantages of a serviced office

    Not sure if a serviced office is right for you and your business? Take a look at our handy guide to see the benefits of working from a serviced office.

    Virtual Office V Hot desking

    As a freelancer you have the freedom to work from where you want, when you want to. Your working hours are your own to choose and who cares if you’re working on a dull spreadsheet whilst watching trashy TV?

    Unfortunately, this preconceived perception could possibly work against you. You want to give your potential clients a good impression, for them to see you as the real deal and a professi…(more)

    Demand Rises for Office Space

    Since January 2015 we have seen a significant increase in enquiries compared to January 2014.  Why is this?  Our services or location have not changed, so what`s the difference?  We can only guess that companies have begun to realise the benefits of having an office space within a Business Centre.  Business Centre`s offer companies the chance to increase or even decrease i…(more)

    Flexible Working Space

    How flexible is your workspace?  Can you increase or decrease as neccessary?  How easy is it to remove unwanted items i.e furniture or files?  Do you have a separate meeting area or is it all in one? For companies that own their office space these are not great concerns, but for the most part companies may find their workspace is not as productive as it could be or perhaps even shou…(more)

    Do you need office space?

    Tired of meeting clients in hotel lobbies or cafes?
    Looking at future growth?
    Taking on additional staff?

    There comes a time when working out of a home office becomes more of a hindrance to future growth than a cost savings measure. If your business has grown substantially and you have the finances to do so then moving into office space is the ideal solution.

    Though there has been much talk about …(more)

    Why Wakefield?

    When looking to invest in office space the question that is often asked is Why Wakefield?

    Wakefield has come along way in recent times. The building of The Hepworth, the largest purpose-built exhibition space outside of London, and the regeneration of many historic buildings has breathed new life into the city. For many years it was labelled the `poor relation` to Leeds but with one of the fastest…(more)

    Top 5 Tips for your office move

    Ready to move office or take your first office space? It can be exciting and perhaps a little daunting working out such things as; what can you afford, what’s included in the rent, how much floor space will you need… the list can be endless but our handy guide should help you focus and find the right office space for you.

    1. Do you go alone or use a broker?

    In a perfect world you can a…


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